What do you know about the connected garage door, Garageio?

Are you looking out for a solution to have control over the garage door with the help of your smart phone? If your answer is affirmative, Garageio can be of great help. When everything around the world and your environment is becoming smart and intelligent, why leave the garage doors behind? It is time when you should definitely make the garage door as smart as the rest of the globe.

What is this Garageio all about?

Garageio is basically a very simple and secured way of controlling and monitoring the door of the garage from practically anywhere in the world and at any time. You don’t have to replace or alter the existing opener. It is something that is impressive and noteworthy as it is cost effective. You can easily install the Garageio blackbox in your garage and can control up to three separate doors. Life will be simple and convenient.

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