Wearable technology for investment banking is in the making

How is it possible to make wearable technology trendy in investment/wealth administrative services? Wearable technology is basically use of all devices, which is wearable on body, for sending and receiving info online. Wearable like watch, clothes, cell phone, glasses, and jewellery are made use of for the collection and displaying of data or the carrying out of functions that have been executed by PCs till now.

IoT’s scope and relevance is expanding swiftly from the switching on of heater and lights in your residence or keeping track of your vitals on fit bit for the management of your portfolio via cellular phone. The purpose of this know-how in monetary services includes mobile trading/ mobile banking/, iPad-based advice-giving services, use of jackets/ bracelets in all retail imbursements and something additionally compact, an example being a watch.

However, in trading space, employment of such know-how is restricted to receiving notifications/ alerts and thus isn’t all that trendy amongst the trading group of people yet.

As it is now, a trading timepiece-based app is functioning as an expansion of cell phone app and for taking any additional action traders must make use of their mobile/ iPad.

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