Thumb Track: the world’s smallest wearable mouse

The wearable technology has brought a revolution in the world has come a long way in the past few years. We should consider ourselves fortunate to able to witness some of the most innovative and creative wearable devices of the era. There is one product that is making a buzz in the domain of the wearable market today. It is known as Thumb Track.

What is this Thumb Track all about?

Thumb Track is regarded as the smallest wearable mouse in the world. It has been beautifully designed that can be worn on your thumb all day long and you can carry out the functions and performances similar to that of a usual mouse. It is ergonomic in design and the tip of your thumb controls the touch ring mouse. There is absolutely no risk of any pain or any injury to your wrist or fingers. You have the full freedom to perform all the actions without getting fatigued or tired.

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