MEMI: the wearable tech for women

The wearable devices seem to be dominating the world today and experts believe that wearable’s are the future of the science and technology. Have you ever thought of combining fashion and style statement with a tech wearable? Well it is possible with the help of MEMI, a popular wearable tech among the contemporary women.

What do you know about MEMI?

MEMI is a wearable technology that has been specially designed for the women folks. The designer and the developer is herself a woman and so the device has all the style statement that ladies always look for. It is a fashionable and chic smart bracelet that is iPhone compatible.

It is basically a metal bracelet that appears to be tapered and asymmetrical and has a narrow clasp. The device vibrates whenever you receive important calls, messages or calendar alerts. It has been designed to fit the women’s wrists perfectly. Unlike other wearables found in the market, MEMI appears to be appealing and renders a trendy look and can be accessorized with any kinds of attires.

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