Lapka BAM: the breath alcohol monitor

If there is one aspect that people get associated with parties and events, it is about getting drunk. There are several portable breath analyzers that are used by the party folks to keep a check that they are not getting highly hammered by the liquor. Such devices usually require placing your lips on the device every time you want to measure the liquor intake. How about measuring it with a blow on your clenched fist of your hand? Sounds surprising, isn’t it? It is possible with the new alcohol monitor known as Lapka BAM.

What do you know about Lapka BAM?

It is an innovatively and beautifully designed accessory for your smart phone helping to monitor the blood alcohol content from a breath sample without putting your lips against it unlike other similar products. The device has been designed to fit perfectly on your fist and when you hold it the edge of the device becomes the mouthpiece. There is no requirement of any cables and synchronization is also not needed. The device can automatically calibrate through the Lapka servers using the ID of your smart phone device.

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