BEST 3 speed-reading apps

The market is flooded with a host of speed-reading apps. Let us have a look at some of the most popular ones.

The lists of the 3 best speed-reading apps

  1. ReadQuick

It is available for iOS users at $9.99. This is a very useful tool that analyzes your daily reading habits and thereby converts into a legible list that you can quickly and effectively comprehend. It has the potential to support a wide range of languages in order to help you dissect the daily reading into comprehensible pieces.

Download here

  1. ReadMe

This is readily available for both Android and iOS users at $1.99. This is an e-book speed-reading app that is powered by the Spritz’s technology that allows the readers to speedily read through the DRM free e-books without any fuss or hassles. Users can be made to read upto 450 words per minute and the variable color themes and bookmarks make it even more interesting.

Download here

  1. OutRead

It is more or less similar to ReadQuick in terms of its function and features. Its price tag is $2.99 exclusively available only for the iOS users. The app is compatible with the Microsoft Word files and other lists that it associates.

Download here

Why don’t you try out the above-mentioned speed-reading apps and find out whether they are result oriented or not?

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