Autographer: the world’s first smart wearable camera

Wearable devices have brought a revolution in the field of science and technology. People all across the world seem to be very keen and interested in such IoT based smart devices and don’t mind investing a huge amount of money as well since it makes life easier, simpler and more convenient.

Experience reinvented photography

It goes without saying that Autographer is a new form of camera that has been tailor made in order to let you to capture spontaneous and hands free images of the highest quality. The customized 136-degree view lens, 5 built-in sensors and the ultra small GPS unit are some of the leading technological innovations that are included in the smart camera.

High end, extraordinary images guaranteed

The best part about the smart wearable camera is that it captures different types of images. You can always expect them to be completely authentic and original, natural and of the highest quality. There is always an assurance of something unique and magical about the pictures captured with Autographer.

Image Resolutions

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