3 best apps to raise Autism awareness

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has been found affecting children all across the globe. But thanks to the technology that can help to become aware of autism and also overcome it with the help of several habits forming tools, educational games and imaginative plays.

Lists of the 3 apps to raise Autism awareness

  1. JABTalk

It is a symbol based ACC or Augmentative and Alternative Communication System available free for the Android devices. It helps the users to improve their speaking sentence formation and thereby help in the development of communication skills. The users can record their own voices and sounds.

Download here

  1. Pudding Stone

It is available for iOS devices at $19.99 and has been developed in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital. It has been developed and designed in order to make the language development fun and more interactive. The three games- See and Do Theatre, Storyorium and Action Factory help in the exposure to plethora of language skills.

Download here

  1. First Then Visual Schedule HD

It is available for both Android and iOS devices at 4.99$ and 14.99$ respectively. This is a wonderful app that the parents and the caretakers can use it to install the positive habits among the children with special needs with the aid of interactive visual schedules.

Download here

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